Louis Vuitton will curate a selection of bridal trunks at Vogue Wedding Show 2019

Jewellery trunks, beauty trunks, watch trunks and more—Louis Vuitton is pushing the conversation past the orthodox definition of a trousseau box, one bridal trunk at a time. Now, for the first time ever, the luxury malletier is bringing their unique offerings to the Vogue Wedding Show, scheduled from August 2-4, at Taj Palace, New Delhi

Weddings are always a sentimental affair, and preserving memories from the event is as important as making them. You may have already chosen timeless pieces for your bridal trousseau, but have you thought about how you would preserve them? French fashion house Louis Vuitton offers solutions by way of its iconic trunks.

The 19th-century malletier, Louis Vuitton, has earned its indelible credibility from the age of the Maharajas, who commissioned custom trunks from Paris and London to be shipped at their doorstep. At a time when the modern bride reveres both high fashion and heritage designs, the maison has remained on the right side of tradition, innovation and craftsmanship, and each piece is a classic. Now, for the first time ever, the brand is showcasing their trunks at the Vogue Wedding Show, to be held from August 2-4, 2019, at the Taj Palace, New Delhi. Source- https://www.vogue.in/weddings/content/louis-vuitton-will-curate-a-selection-of-bridal-trunks-at-vogue-wedding-show-2019