Leather Footwear Consultant, India

Ladies’ & Men’s leather shoes, boots, sandals etc. are the most integral part of the leather industry. There are hundreds of footwear styling and numerous possibilities to develop the best shoes by using endless qualities, finishes & colours of leathers.

Specialist & expert in leather shoes, footwear of multiple variety

We truly understand the know how of the entire process of making the world-class men’s & ladies FootwearLet us explain the process & how we are here to help and assist you to make a big difference.

Step 1: Complex Manufacturing Processes

The complexity of manufacturing processes and supply chain in this particular leather footwear industry sector comprises of multiple complex stages which require technical knowledge, continuous checks and rigorous follow-ups.

Step 2: Short Term Coordination Between Buyer And Vendor

Due to the above very practical fact, the entire working doesn’t generate fruitful results to grow your products and brand, mostly because of misunderstandings, language barriers, un-skilled or non-technical knowledge and no understanding of the entire product cycle etc. Hence most of the time buyer and vendor partnerships do not sustain for over a long period of time.

Step 3: Uncontrolled Production Process

Further and moreover when there is no presence of the customer’s representative at the manufacturing locations, weak follow-ups, unable to set up of clear expectations-goals, non collaborative approaches, slow communication, not expressing the situations and issues related to R&D-sampling-production process and holding these back for last moments and above all the quality of footwear not according to the expectations, then the process become extremely challenging.

Step 4: How We are Bridging This Gap

In other cases, reaching to the right people & right vendors/factories which can understand your requirements and deliver the high quality product is another difficult task. In all these above situations- we are bridging this gap with our presence, expertise & knowledge and keeping you at ease to get reliable supply of resources, good-quality finished products, large installed capacities for production, technical assistance in each and every step in the entire buying process, supervision & follow ups, regular updates, sourcing facilities and further as required by our clients based on their requirements.


Why we call ourselves as Expert?

We have worked for over 20 years in the leather products industry with the best export companies and served global buyers, brands, designers with respect to their search for sourcing finished products, vendors, raw material (leather & other) etc.

What type of products we have worked so far?

Oxford | Brogue | Loafer | Monk | Dress | Sandals | Slippers | Heels | Pumps and many more.

What all are our core Activities?

MJL is ready to assist you through following multiple activities –

Technical & Buying Process Assistance | R&D | Sourcing | Price Negotiation & Costing | Product Development | Raw Materials & Trims Sourcing | Production Planning Management | Quality Control | Vendor Base Management | Design Development | Order Execution | Liaison & Networking | Digital Marketing | Meeting & Travel Planning | Follow Ups & Update | Regional Products Sourcing | Need Based Customized Solutions

What is our knowledge on product & Industry?

We have decades of knowledge of the leather footwear sector to help steer you to solutions that are practically achievable, measurable and drive the aspirations of your business with respect to the above mentioned activities. At MJL, long term sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are influencers in the leather sector towards achieving & taking you at the right place & provide clarifications for all your queries.

What is our knowledge on leathers we have worked so far?

We mainly work with species like Cowhide, Calfskin, Goatkid, Sheepskin leather can be coarse or fine-grained, matt or glossy, metallic or luminous etc. Leather qualities & finishes are endless but basics are pigmented smooth leather, aniline leather, waxed or oiled leather, suede and nubuck etc.

Can we develop any other products according to client’s requirements?

Yes we can develop any new product/styling as per the requirements of the client.

Can we work on as per client’s need based/customize projects?

Yes, each project is uniquely adapted and worked according to our client’s needs and requirements as well as their directions & guidelines. We can quickly understand the issues you are facing to provide you with effective support & information.

We are happy to help & discuss all your queries, please contact us through following ways-

WhatsApp: +91-8920758261

Email: consultant.mjl@gmail.com

Email: direct@mjleathers.com

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