Leather industry is very labour intensive, in which finished leather is the important aspect of the leather industry itself. The complexity of manufacturing processes and supply chain in this particular industry sector comprises of multiple complex stages which require continuous checks and rigorous follow-ups.

Due to this very practical fact, buyer and vendor partnerships do not sustain for over a long period of time. Hence don’t generate fruitful results to grow your products and brand, mostly because of misunderstandings, language barriers, no presence of the customer’s representative at the manufacturing locations, weak follow-ups, unable to set up of clear expectations- goals, non collaborative approaches, slow communication, not expressing the situations and issues related to R&D-sampling-production process and holding these back for last moments.

Moreover, in other cases, reaching to the right people and the right tanneries (LWG or non LWG certified as per your requirements) which can understand your requirements and deliver the right product is another challenging task. We are bridging this gap with our presence and giving you ease to get reliable supply of resources, good-quality raw materials-finished leather, large installed capacities for production, technical assistance in each and every step in the entire buying process.

We believe in the following professional working patterns –

Technical Expertise – We have a unique position in the market place due to our technical expertise, which allows us to provide adaptable and agile sustainability consulting services for your business.

Speed of Delivery – We can quickly understand the issues you are facing to provide you with effective support & information.

Access to Knowledge – We have decades of knowledge of the leather sector to help steer you to solutions that are practically achievable, measurable and drive the aspirations of your business.

Industry Know-how – At MJL, long term sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, we are influencers in the leather sector towards achieving the right place and clarifications for all your queries.

Core Activities – MJL is ready to assist you in all these activities – R&D, Sourcing Services, Specific Products Sourcing based on Regions, Vendor Management, PPC & Quality Control, Business Execution, Liaison & Networking

Individual Projects – The very nature of the work we do in leather consulting means that each project is uniquely adapted to your needs and requirements.