With the growing demand of leather products at a global level, a specialised training in leather goods and accessories, garments, footwear and other miscellaneous leather products is created with respect to technical, design and commercial aspects to stand out in a creative world. We focus in opening the horizons of the individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations etc. and try to build the ethical and professional competency. The aim of the training is to build sound technical professionals in the field of fashion leather products design and manufacturing sector.

Main objectives are-

  • To provide need based training for entrepreneurs who want to invest in leather products sector.
  • To provide customized training for organization, individuals who want to venture into luxury leather products markets and establish their brand in this growing leather industry world-wide.
  • To create competent international leather products technical professional by providing training on leather goods & accessories, leather garment, footwear technical aspects, design and pattern making.
  • To give practical oriented training to all individual candidates that can serve the sector themselves on the areas of design, cutting, pattern making, stitching, construction and product development.

Further aim is to create multi-disciplinary professional/brand/ line/ organization which will cater to growing need of the industry and contribute in this constantly changing and continuously upgrading leather sector.

  • With latest technical developments which govern the growth of the Indian fashion leather product sector, we emphasize on product knowledge and overview of fashion leather accessory (goods & garments) technology & design, leather cutting, leather stitching, pattern making, basic construction techniques, various leather machines operations, use of tools and accessory in leather goods & garment manufacturing, identification and finishing of leather goods, production and operation management, costing & commercialization, quality control, production planning and real life industrial projects, and last but not the least how and where you can sell your products and which are your markets as per your product lines.
  • Moreover we have established long term tie-ups with major industrial players as well as with the leading institutes of design, to share the knowledge base and expertise. We stand firm in our determination to be a leading professional training point by provision of quality based training in leather products which we further customize according to the needs of our clients, organizations, entrepreneurs or individuals etc. MJL strives to transform the leather products industry through knowledge and skill transformation.