MJL provides consultancy services in following multiple ways & as per the customer’s need based requirements

  • Comprehensive technical assistance & help on product development & design
  • Comprehensive technical assistance & help on materials – leathers/ various fabrics sourcing, procurement or development
  • Assistance in R&D related activities -whether prototypes, raw materials or final products developments
  • Assistance in product cost calculations, quotations & commercialization aspects
  • Complete assistance & solutions in the entire buying process
  • Complete technical assistance & solutions in the entire production & manufacturing process
  • Complete aid & solution for merchandising activities – sample approvals, laboratory testing, raw materials supply, operation, strategic thinking, planning,  manufacturing , order executions, supervisions & follow ups, inspections & quality control
  • Assistance in effective sourcing process to connect with reliable, affordable, and quality suppliers to supply the goods you need
  • Thorough and immediate information on markets and suppliers from all India for multiple products or any specific product lines
  • Identifying and qualifying vendors according to customers need & requirements (Including audit qualified like SEDEX, BSCI, SA8000 etc.)
  • Providing complete information on specific tanneries for particular leathers or crust (Including LWG certified)
  • Complete aid in supervising shipping, logistics services & social compliance audits at all vendor production locations.
  • Assistance to plan meetings & tours for specific regions based on clients requirements all over India,
  • Offering all digital solutions based on our industry needs & requirements. Leather products industry has adapted the IT & Social Media Revolution to some extent and truly, no business can grow without having an online presence at minimum or leveraging e-business technologies to help end users to purchase products & solutions.
  • We provide customize working solutions & strategic plans according to the needs & requirements of the clients whether for short duration or long duration etc.
  • Full support to accomplish either single or multiple kinds of projects for all our clients world-wide.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our project is mutually successful in all efforts to forge relationships that stand the test of time. Our work contribution further enables all our customers to offer the best quality, faster and more economically than ever, with innovative solutions & options to the end consumer globally.


We are happy to help & discuss all your queries, please contact us through following ways-

WhatsApp: +91-8920758261

Email: consultant.mjl@gmail.com

Email: direct@mjleathers.com

Tel: +91-120-4113603