Sustainable Leathers

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue in the leather industry today. Modern, future-oriented leather production bringing economic interests, ecological soundness, and consumer benefit into line. Achieving this balance and turning it into a valuable asset for the customers should be the main objective of any company. The health and safety of consumers remains a priority for brands and retailers of leather products. Indeed, there is growing demand to ensure that no harmful substances are present in leather goods and that workers involved in leather goods production are protected from exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Environmental campaigners are also pushing the industry towards a zero discharge in the supply chain of hazardous substances. To meet this demand, the leather industry is now looking for more sustainable solutions and processes, including tanners and manufacturers. Leather products brands, manufacturers and retailers would benefit from taking a closer look at compliance and safety issues in their supply chain as early as possible, as opposed to relying solely on finished product testing.

Following should be the main focus of the industry

• Development of new products and chemical systems whose components are largely based on renewable raw materials and do not use any substances with critical toxicological properties

• Improvement of processes by reducing energy and water requirements, making better use of chemicals and finding new ways of using by – products

• Improving the sustainability of leather during and after use i.e. longer service life, low leather consumption and good recycling capabilities

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